The Univeresity of Victoria Spatial Pattern Analysis and Research Lab and the San Diego State University Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age Center

Trisalyn  Nelson

Title: A Global Webmap for crowdsourcing cycling activities


Cycling safety data are often limited to insurance or police reports and are estimated to account for 30-40% of cycling incidents. To address the gap in data on cycling safety, was developed and is a global webmap for crowdsourcing cycling crashes, near misses, hazards, and thefts. In this talk, I will introduce the tool and share how we are promoting the tool and using data to study cycling safety and support active transportation planning.

  • DATE: Tuesday, March 15, 2016
  • TIME: 12:30 PM
  • LOCATION: Storm Hall Romm 324 (SAL lab)
  • Students, Staff, Faculty, and the Public are invited

Dr. Trisalyn Nelson, Department of Geography, University of Victoria

Dr. Trisalyn Nelson is a Research Chair in Spatial Sciences and a Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria. She is also director of the Spatial Pattern Analysis and Research (SPAR) Lab and Director of Geomatics at the University of Victoria. Broadly, her research interest is the development and application of methods for quantifying spatial patterns and processes. Recently, her research has focused on cycling safety and ridership and SPAR Lab developed and is promoting , a website for crowdsourcing cycling safety.